Your Passport To Anywhere…


Not all aviation frontiers revolve around breaking limits in altitude, velocity or break-new concepts in engineering, some are being made in areas of design and luxury. One such product is this new concept plane from DesignQ.

Even in the modern world there are areas of inaccessibility that are ripe for adventure, you can now explore them in luxury.

Based on the BAE146 regional jet and coming from a design shop that leads the way in global defence, security and aerospace advancements, this luxury safari-ready aircraft is yet to make it from concept to production line, but when it does it promises a wide range of features designed to make your trip or break memorable.

A spacious layout is a given but it also includes a modified cargo door which can be deployed as an outdoor deck from which to view your surroundings from both safety and luxury. Other features are a barbeque station, marble flooring and a fully equipped office, a sumptuous dining area and two private staterooms.

But the attraction is not just the style in which you can travel but the accessibility of the plane. With four jet engines placed high on the wings, the Avro Business Jet is comfortable landing on grass, gravel and sand airstrips making it the perfect vehicle to explore out of the way places and off the beaten track locations.

Imagine dining on the deck whilst the teaming life of the African plains wanders across your path, drinking cocktails whilst parked on the edge of the Asian steppes or taking in the sunset as it falls behind South American mountains. The ABJ is nothing short of a ticket to anywhere you want to go. The world is indeed your oyster.


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