A Flight With A View


In a world where most private-jet manufacturers are happy to boast about a wide range of custom interior choices, Airbus has long been known for offering simple off the shelf designs. Their latest, Infinito custom cabin design by Pagani, however, shows that off the shelf doesn’t necessarily mean compromise and this new luxury fitting is the last word in elegant interior design.

In the modern age flying is just another routine way of getting from A to B, where the default setting is to immerse yourself in a book or film or even sleep through the journey. Infinito is designed to provide the equivalent experience of the modern luxury yacht, a reconnect between the traveller and the elements, the element in this case being the open sky, the experience being one of  “flying with the top down.”

An illusion of natural space is created through the clever design of curving pathways through the cabin, shell shaped valances and partitions that can switch from opaque to transparent to divide personal space up in a variety of ways or remain virtually invisible as required.

Wooden floors and soft leather upholstery add an unexpected natural touch and the cabin has lounge, dining and a cinema areas. But it is the sky ceiling which finishes off the illusion, through projected images the cabin roof gives the appearance of being open to the infinite skies bringing that feeling of being at one with the natural world even closer.

The new Airbus ACJ319neo is impressive on paper as well. A 7770-mile or 15 hour flight range, propelling up to 8 passengers at Mach 0.82 in a luxurious 950 square foot cabin that provides separate areas for working, relaxing, dining and socialising. This new Pagani design has just pushed luxury air travel into even more opulent realms.


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