Paradise Awaits at Villa Eden Gardone


Villa Eden Gardone

Villa Eden Gardone is a resort so aesthetically luxurious and indulgent, it took an entire entourage of architecture’s biggest names  to design –Richard Meierm, David Chipperfield, and Metteo Thun to name a few.

Located in Northern Italy’s Gardone Riviera, the luxury resort houses 11 villas and nine suites…each structure was created with a specifically distinctive vision. The resort provides a breathtaking view of the picturesque Lake Garda and boasts state-of-the-art rooms, first class restaurants, and 24-hour concierge with only the most impeccable service to be found.

It strives to embody luxury and paradise. Villas are unique, ranging from 200 square meters to larger, ten guest luxury villas. Rooms are modern, providing an elevating, uplifting atmosphere. Villas are decorated with bright floors and generous, spacious living quarters.


Gardone Riviera

When you’re not enjoying the luxurious accommodations, the resort features some of the best fine-dining as well as wine tasting. It has a something for everyone. For the outdoor types, enjoy mountain biking and sailing. If you need some relaxation, take advantage of the full, pampering spa or the expansive swimming pools.

Accented with a jovial and glittering clubhouse, surrounded with natural stone walls and traditional pergolas, the exterior of the resort is nothing short of magnificent. Every detail was finely planned and every brick expertly laid. If you are looking to experience Italy and have yet to see Lake Garda, you have every reason to make the trip.


When it comes to ambiance and elegance entwined with adventure and class, few places compare to Villa Eden Gardone. Guests will fall in love all over again with Northern Italy, discovering the wines, cuisine, and the natural scenery this oasis offers. Best of all, you can do all of the above before even leaving the resort to enjoy the surrounding beauty…just imagine the fun you’ll have at Lake Garda.

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