What Are You Imagining for Your Love Life?

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Perhaps you already know that you see pretty much everything in your mind’s eye (your imagination) before in appears in your reality.

Your imagination essentially guides your life. The assumptions you make in love and life (the things you believe and accept as true), guide your actions (consciously or not) and bring you to the fruits of your imagination.

Which begs the question?

What ARE you seeing in your mind’s eye as it relates to your love life?

When you envision yourself at upcoming events, parties, or just in the future, do you see yourself with friends or single? Or do you see someone you love, adore, and trust by your side? Do you envision yourself in a relationship?

This is extremely important because if you currently see yourself in your future thoughts as being single, you will subconsciously, (unknowingly) behave in a way that takes you to that destination.

Your actions stem from what you believe and accept to be true. If you are seeing yourself as single in the near or distant future, your actions will ensure that you are indeed single as you approach those events.

So, if you are seeking a loving relationship, you need to make sure you include that in all your future imaginings regarding your life and work. The vision of someone special by your side must be there if you are to act in a way that lets this person into your life. The thoughts you have literally guide your actions in life whether you know if or not.

For instance, if you are seeking someone special in your life and actively dating, yet, see yourself in your mind’s eye going unattached to upcoming parties or events in life, you will subconsciously behave in a way that keeps you single. This manifests itself as rejecting great profiles (for instance, not agreeing to meet interested candidates), or nitpicking when you do meet great matches (saying it will never work for x, y, z reasons – reasons that you actually believe!). Again, acting in ways that shut out love.

In short, while you appear to be actively dating and seeking someone, you will unknowingly sabotage the process all the while since you are simultaneously envisioning yourself as single in the future and not with someone special. Your actions are working towards your mind’s eye.

This is why its so important to envision yourself with someone special by your side. Envision yourself in a relationship.

Anytime you envision yourself in the future be sure to include your desired partner as part of the vision. Your mind and actions will follow suit…you’ll be opened to meeting the matches behind interesting profiles. You’ll allow your match’s differences and quirks to be okay and endearing rather than problematic. You’ll act and respond to life in a way that gets you into a wonderful relationship with someone special.

This is the power of your imagination in dating and love.

While it’s true for all aspects of life, be sure to be conscious of how it works when it comes to your love life so you can find and enjoy the love you seek.

Next time you see yourself in the future, be sure to include your romantic partner by your side…and your actions and mind will work absolute wonders to get you there.

Here’s to you finding and celebrating the love you so deserve!