Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on Finding A Relationship You Can Be Proud of….

sei club

It seems like sometimes finding the right relationship is a lot of “work.” There are seemingly endless meetings of potential matches and no one seems quite “right.” After a while (maybe even just a little while) it’s easy to give up on the idea all together.

It’s like: Why bother?


When you are with someone who you admire and respect, they can give you perspectives that you otherwise would not have on life, love, and work issues. This additional insight from a trusted source who you know has your best interest at heart, can not only make you more successful in all these areas, but also a lot happier too!

Because the more sides we see in any given situation, the less adversarial it ultimately is. Understanding breeds wisdom which breeds better action and a happier life. Being with a partner we trust can make us wiser – again, assuming this is the right partner who also has a positive, empowering, constructive view of the world.

Being in a supportive, loving relationship is not always easy, but it makes us smarter and more evolved as individuals. Often, we have to put aside our own egos in an effort to better understand our partner…to realize that their experience of life is just as valid as ours is…even when we don’t agree with them in full (or at all). This process of seeking to understand the other person makes us more capable in all areas of life, since when we evolve in one area of life it inevitably affects all other areas. As we grow through our relationships, we start bringing ourselves as more capable, winning people to other endeavors, thus breeding greater contentment and success everywhere we go.

So next time you feel like “giving up” on finding the right partner, or feel like “giving up,” on being with the partner you currently have who is not perfect but pretty close, remember that the value of the right relationship is so tremendous that it’s one of those few things in life you just CAN’T give up on. And a winner like you doesn’t approach life like that anyway 😊

May you always have all the beautiful things your heart desires; including a loving relationship that you find deeply fulfilling.

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