Why Some Women Prefer “Older” Men


People often make the assumption that younger women prefer “older men”  “for their money” or something equally shallow. However, there are plenty of men in each age category who have more than enough financial stability to offer a nice or pretty enough woman…

More importantly, the term “older man“  or “older woman” is now an outdated, primitive term  when speaking about Leading, Educated, Elite, Rich and Famous men and women.  We started with this term just to initiate a conversation that could be more easily understood at the outset.

A more suitable term that reflects contemporary reality is “Agless Man”  or “Ageless Woman” so of course, we’ll use this term from now on for men and women when appropriate…

Especially today when considering the vast difference between a person’s chronological age (their date of birth – that in many cases means nothing) versus a person’s biological age (how old they are physically, mentally, and biologically).

In modern times, given science, food, exercise, and many other advancements in knowledge, men and women are, more often than not, far younger than ever before (they look younger and feel younger and are often far more attractive than ever before).

So while the superficial folks easily brush it off as “oh, she’s with him for his money,” a much deeper, more serious examination reveals the actual reasons why certain women prefer to date so called  “older men” – and, while no woman seeks a guy who can’t “hold it together financially” below are the REAL reasons that sincere, beautiful women prefer to date “older” gentlemen:

Emotional Maturity

This is huge. Men who are anywhere from a few years older to 40+ years older than a woman tend to be more even-keeled and balanced emotionally than a true peer (a generalization of course – there are as always, few exceptions).

Indeed these men are not “old” but definitely much, much better than they have been 10-20-30  years ago. This is the “New Ageless Super Young” if you want.

Because seriously, no one wants to be with someone who gets easily upset over every little thing or who can’t keep calm in a potentially emotional situation. The fact is that ageless men do this better. Maybe they’ve just experienced more life and know that nothing is ever as bad or good as it initially seems. They’re less “moved” by the daily occurrences that can happen.

Given that women do in fact need emotional support (as do men), a gentleman who is strong and balanced emotionally and has genuine emotional maturity is always a more appealing option for lover, partner, and friend for a more evolved woman. This is a huge, instinctual draw when it comes to being in a relationship with an ageless guy.

They have more fun

This again might come down to an “older” or “ageless guy” being more at ease with life. We’re not talking about huge event fun either (though that has its place in life as well). We’re talking about being able to enjoy the natural ebb and flow of daily life in a calmer, easier way. Its amazing how enjoyable life can be when you’re not rattled by every light wind that comes your way – and ageless men just do this better. They are more comfortable with day to day life and are able to be more relaxed and appreciative because of it. This easier vibe is more enjoyable and automatically more fun. They laugh a lot off…and that’s fun.

They’re Smarter

Yes – this matters a great deal. Ageless men have more experience and are therefore smarter than some of their younger peers. Experience matters when it comes to making decisions and coming to conclusions about life and what to do in it – ageless men (who’ve done it right anyway) tend to be outright smarter than their younger peers. And that’s just a function of being on this planet and learning its ropes longer. Smart women who prefer smart men will often be drawn to someone a bit “older” (of course sometimes younger men are smarter than older men in more technical issues depending in what they each specialize – but we are referring to holistically smart here – in life, love, and work). Experience will always outsmart inexperience.

They’re nicer

Sometimes when younger men (men younger than the woman) get upset in a relationship they say some pretty awful things….things that can’t be taken back. This can escalate as we all know. However ageless gentlemen tend to be more aware of the potential consequences of this sort of thing (perhaps from having grown through other relationships in the past) and so they are therefore nicer during such moments. They’ve also met and dated enough people that when they do meet a nice woman with whom they have a connection, they are often just nicer to her on a daily basis (not take her for granted). And what beautiful, also kind woman doesn’t want someone who’s just plain nicer to her?

The above are some of the brief, obvious reasons why some women prefer to date a gentleman who is chronologically older than she is….for some it’s a few years and for others it may be much more (20-40+ years). And while being with a chronologically younger woman isn’t always perfect, some men prefer just that as well. Maybe she’s more fun, less bitter, or maybe there really is a genuine, deep connection to be had on both ends…Gee THAT must be IT! 😊

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