5 Things To Look For In A Matchmaker

sei club 5 things to look for in a matchmaker

When considering using a matchmaking or dating service there are certain sign posts that indicate you’re in the right place. Below you’ll find some info on making sure you’re making the best decisions for your personal love and dating life.

1) Size Matters

While the personal attention of a super small, one person matchmaking company can seem appealing at the outset, you’ll find that many of the small one show wonders really don’t have many match options for you. After all, how many people can a single individual really work with effectively? Even the absolute most incredible multi-tasker can manage under a hundred at best. That will be limiting your match options way too much. Look for a place that has and needs lots of hands to do the work. This also indicates they have lots of potential, quality matches for you. Lots of choices mean deeper, higher quality matching. And you’ll often get the same one-on-one attention you’d get with a one person show. But you’ll have more resources.

2) Reviews Matter, but not the way you think…

You definitely want to stick with organizations that have a healthy mix of both positive and negative reviews posted on the web. This might seem counterintuitive, but you’ll find that in any industry, lots of traffic (again more match options) will result in lots of online chatter too. That’s a good thing. Interestingly, in the more elite matchmaking arena (some of the more elite organizations), you’ll find that the reviews online are not written by members at all – that is not typically how the ultra-affluent spend their time. Instead, they are placed by other matchmaking companies. The targeted companies then request genuine members to post some positive feedback – and you have your online review landscape of a healthy mix of positive and negative.

In fact, having positive reviews only and no negative reviews at all can mean one of three things:

a) Company has no traffic. Not enough activity. Which means no matches for you.

b) It could also mean that the company is one of the smaller ones who are actually posting negative reviews about the others – which raises more serious ethical questions about whom you are entrusting your love life to…..? That’s a different issue entirely.

c) It could mean they just opened – like yesterday. Which again is fine, but will often mean not enough match options for you.

3) We Can’t See!

It’s 2023 – we’re not still going on blind dates are we? While most serious matchmaking companies with high quality (truly elite) members will not show you photos before you join and sign confidentiality agreements, you definitely want to be sure that you’ll be seeing photos of your matches before you commit to meeting them for dates. It’s just a huge time saver. If someone isn’t showing photos, chances are the male or female isn’t all that attractive – in the better cases they might be but again its very time consuming for you to have to go and check for yourself by meeting them for an extensive date or even a drink. Wasn’t the whole point to SAVE time?

As a side note, sometimes men want to see the photos and don’t mind if the woman hasn’t seen theirs – Guys, again, you definitely want your match to see your photos because you want to know that she finds you attractive (and she probably will) before you take the time to meet her. Again, this is just a huge time saver for all involved. Keep the blind dates where they belong – in the past 🙂

4) Confidentiality is Guaranteed

If you’re not signing a serious confidentiality agreement of some sort before you begin dating through a private matchmaking or dating organization, don’t walk away, RUN… The more accomplished and recognized you are in your field the more serious of an issue this is. You want to be sure you’re signing confidentiality agreements with iron-clad repercussions for breaching them. This means that your private dating life will remain so. No nonsense.

5) Speaking of guarantees….

Any service you use needs to provide you with some serious guarantees. Otherwise, what are you getting? Empty promises? No thanks.

You want to know how many matches or dates you guaranteed, you need guarantees that all of these dates will fit what you’re looking for in a partner, and you need money-back guarantees as well. Any organization you employ in any area of your life needs to be able to stand behind what they’re providing you. No questions asked.


Those are a few sign posts that will help you navigate the world of private matchmaking and dating more intelligently and efficiently. We hope you find this article helpful.

Here’s to you having a deeply fulfilling, supportive, satisfying love life!


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