SEI Club By The Numbers

Current Matchmaking/Dating Members

Network: 8,792

*Please note that membership rates fluctuate daily. Similarly, membership is not static. When two people meet each other and like each other they are not available to meet anyone new, however new incoming members take their places. It is not a “static” group of singles.

Below is data comprised from the Club’s annual report:


Annual Income / Total Compensation:


5% <250K

10% 250K-500K

35% 500K-1MM

40% 1MM-10MM

10% 10MM+





Mean Net Worth 87.9 MM

Median Net Worth 22.7 MM



gender49.7% MALE
50.3% FEMALE



SEIClubMembersMap copy




4/5 Members identify themselves as “global citizens” meaning that they easily travel and feel at home in several countries.




72% hold membership in at least one other Private Members Club in addition to their service membership with SEI Club


 Gives to charitable causes that are important to them (annually):

91% gave money

62.3% gave time

charity copy



23% have a private foundation



Buy or collect original art – 89%


Spending Categories in 2016

(Mean Total)

category spending

Jewelry – average spent 221K

Watches – 142K

Fashion / Accessories – 110K

Hotels & Resorts – 152K

Spa service – 101K

Yacht rentals – 400K

Cruises – 129K

Villa & Chalet Rentals – 166K

Home Improvements – 540K

Wines & Spirits – 29K

Luxury cars – 221K

Fine Art – 1.8MM







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