The Style Choices of Connoisseurs

The art of having great style is not just knowing how to assemble your look but knowing where to go to get it. In a world where individual style is synonymous with your very personality, such locations are closely guarded, being traded like insider racing tips or business secrets. Here is a whistle-stop checklist of the brands you should know about and boutiques you should visit if you want to leave your mark on a world where individuality and elegance matters most.

Geo F Trumper

Geo. F Trumper 

Regular care of your facial hair is essential to maintain a smart appearance and services here include beard and moustache trimming, hair tints and hairpiece fittings, manicures, pedicures and foot massages. But it is their traditional wet shave, including hot towels and face massage, which they are most famous for. The Trumper shops in Curzon Street, Mayfair and Duke of York Street, St James’s, in London are unrivalled in the services they offer and a visit to one has become a rite of passage where fathers have brought their sons for that inaugural shave for generations.

lock and co

Lock & Co. Hatters

Lock & Co not only claim the title of world’s oldest hat shop, they are also said to have been the inspiration for Lewis Carroll’s Hatter in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Founded in the 18th century their London St James Street shop serves both men and women catering to every need from race going couture to a jaunty fedora. Consider a purchase here not just a stylish investment but part of hat history.


T & F Slack Shoemakers 

Tim and Fiona slack have always sought to produce nothing short of modern classics. They began making custom shoes for rock and roll stars back in the seventies and from their West London shop continue to set trends and lead fashion through detailed stitching, bold colours and unique yet iconic designs.

Frescobol Carioca

Frescobol Carioca

A taste of Rio de Janeiro comes to London with swimwear designs that celebrate Brazilian beach culture. Not just swimwear and shorts but everything from towels, bags and hats to beach games and a host of other accessories.


With new shops opened recently in New York, London, Paris and Seoul and a network already covering much of Europe and Asia, Slowear are known as much for being the first destination for all your Italian style casual wear as they are for redefining the shopping experience. Their outlets are slow paced, comfortable and friendly places where you can browse and explore stylish suits and jackets, trousers and knitwear in a relaxed way, over a coffee and a chat whilst listening to well curated music.


Alexandra Sojfer

If you think that all umbrellas are the same then a visit to Alexandra’s shop discreetly tucked away on Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris is in order.  A third generation artisan and 15 years of being in business has honed the skills which enable her to create such classic designs as a mink-trimmed umbrella to a cane whose handle is crafted to resemble the clients partners hand.


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