Benetti Launches Super Yacht Seasense


It isn’t always the way with new, luxury products, but in the case of Benetti’s new, 220ft super yacht, there is more than just a clue in the name of what to expect. The title “Seasense” was chosen as a way of reflecting the experience that the yacht was designed to provide, one of close harmony with the surrounding environment, one with all the excitement of being close to nature but with all the luxury specified by its new owner.

Sleek and elegant lines define the look of the yacht courtesy of Dutch designer Cor D. Rover, whilst the naval architecture was developed by Benetti’s own technical office. Internally the sumptuous design synonymous with the term “super yacht” is the result of collaboration between Benetti’s own team and the AREA design studio based in Los Angeles. And although these various collaborations were often the first time these teams had worked together, the result has been spectacular.

The spacious out door areas have been designed to give the maximum contact with the world around it, to give the feeling of being part of the waters rather than merely passing through. The stern of the main deck accommodates a pool, sun lounging area and sliding doors that contribute to the creation of that feeling of openness.


LuxExpose Benetti FB265 M:Y 1

Interior specifications and materials have not yet been confirmed but it is likely that the layout will centre on one master suite and five staterooms with an edgy, modern and residential look and room for 12 guests and 14 crewmembers.

Once in the water Benetti’s in-house steel hull and aluminum superstructure houses twin 1850hp caterpillar diesel engines, giving it a top speed of 15.5 knots and a range of 5000 nautical miles when running at optimum speed.

So, elegance of design, impressive performance and a balance of luxury and a close to the water experience – the perfect storm of form and function and expected on the water by the end of July.


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