An Explosion of Delight Awaits at LA’s Pacific Seas Cafe


Hidden behind a secret door in the renowned Clifton’s Cafeteria, Pacific Seas is making its debut as the recreated Clifton’s Pacific  Seas restaurant from 1939. This new restaurant, led by entrepreneur Andrew Meieran, is one of the most unique and creative restaurants in Los Angeles. The restaurant creates an atmosphere of culture and exploration through its tiki theme, imaginative menu, and inspired entertainment.

What To Expect…

When you enter the restaurant, the atmosphere is immediately set with glowing, low-hanging lights and paper lanterns reflecting off the beautiful dark floors. You’ll be led to a dining area, where you can begin to explore the restaurant’s innovative and original menu.

While the full menu is still being confirmed, guests can expect a traditional, classical menu with some additions and upgrades to fit with a modern crowd.

Head chef Andrew Pastore will be creating the expected seafood dishes, including crab cakes, lobster stuffed with scallops and avocado, and even red snapper with teriyaki. Tropical fruits like pineapple and watermelon are also expected to make an appearance – one dish, the Pineapple Hoki-Poki Platter, contains Bluefin tuna served in a pineapple shell with watermelon, Thai basil, tomato skewers, and more. Don’t just expect the standard Tiki food; every dish will be presented in a new and surprising way, and will be bursting with all kinds of unique flavors and combinations. Pastore calls the menu a “celebration of exploration and discovery of unique culinary traditions… Expect to be surprised as you would be when you venture into the world to discover new and wondrous things.”

On the drinks menu, guests will be sure to see the famous Fog Cutter, in addition to rare and exotic rums. Guests can also expect the Mai Tai and all kinds of daiquiris.


Events and Entertainment  

In addition to the delectable food, you’ll find equally captivating entertainment. We’ve heard that there will be all kinds of Polynesian-inspired live entertainment and performances, including bands, DJs, and the “occasional mermaid”. There are clearly lots of incredible performances (and surprises!) in store for the restaurant’s guests.

In addition to the live entertainment, Pacific Seas also hosts special events such as wedding receptions and corporate events.

The Visual Inspiration…

Meieran states that the design of the restaurant is inspired by “a lifetime of travel and daydreams,” which is certainly reflected in the restaurant’s authentic Polynesian details and construction.

Most dining areas contain rattan and bamboo furniture – the craftsmanship of these pieces, done by “Bamboo” Ben Bassham, is unmatched. One seating area features a beautiful map mural, done by celebrated artist and designer Sammy Beam, that covers all four walls. This area also a mixed metal side tables and chandeliers. The rest of the restaurant is also decorated with historical artifacts collected through travel, as well as hand-carved tiki statuettes, canoes and nets, and other eclectic décor.

At the bar, you’ll find one of the restaurant’s most delightfully surprising features: a full-size Chris-Craft vintage speedboat. This extra touch just adds to the restaurant’s atmosphere of adventure. While you’re sitting at the bar, you’ll feel like you are gazing over the open sea due to its incredible sunset mural, also painted by Sammy Beam. Finally, the bar is topped off with a thatched “roof” and palm tree decorations.


Anticipate Amazement…

When taking on the Pacific Seas project, Meieran set out with a goal to “capture the wonder of travel, the mystery of new places, and the sense of anticipation and amazement one feels when they embark n a new adventure.” He has certainly accomplished this goal.

With the restaurant’s bold menu and adventurous design, guests can experience Polynesian culture and cuisine – all in the heart of Los Angeles.

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