Discover A World-Class Dining Experience At Chicago’s Alinea…


Already called “the best meal of your life” by numerous reviewers, the newly re-opened Alinea restaurant in Chicago is considered one of the best dining experiences in the world. With its unique but bold dishes, impeccable service, and beautiful décor, Alinea has taken its service and culinary expertise to exceptional levels with a sophisticated modern theme.

What You’ll See

When you enter the newly remodeled restaurant, the first thing you’ll notice is the light, modern color palette with white and grey finishes. The restaurant features timeless and sophisticated décor that speaks of change and modern innovation, while retaining classic touches such as the coffered ceilings and crown molding.

Split into the Salon, the Gallery, and the Kitchen Table, each section of the restaurant provides a unique menu, dining experience, and entertainment.

In the Salon, you’ll be taken up a dramatically curved staircase to a stunning seating area filled with Chicago’s most celebrated artwork. You’ll be served a fantastic 10-14 course meal that is considered to be the most experimental menu of the restaurant.

When dining in the Gallery, you’ll be led through a beautiful wooden door to the seating area, emphasized by a dramatic curved staircase and a magnificent chandelier. At a slightly higher price-point, this seating area offers a phenomenal 14-16 course meal.

At the Kitchen Table, you’ll be seated at a private area with a view of the kitchen. The “best seat in the restaurant,” here you’ll be able to savor a creative, inventive menu while watching the expert chefs cook (with a touch of original, exciting entertainment).

What You’ll Do

Along with its new décor, Alinea now features a creative menu with classic cuisine as well as original, imaginative staples. While the majority of the menu remains a surprise to keep from spoiling the guests’ experience, it has been revealed that each dish on the menu features layers of flavors influenced by every factor imaginable. Grant Achatz, head chef and restaurateur, states, “A good cook will understand nuances in layers of flavors through seasoning… We want to keep that going. How do we season with sound? With light? With elements of emotions? For us, that makes the experience more complex and nuanced.”

The Alinea experience is about more than just the food, though – guests have revealed that the dining experience will get you out of your seat and make you laugh with its revolutionary entertainment and service.

With all that the Alinea brings to the table, it’s no wonder that it is considered one of the best dining experiences in the world. The restaurant’s modern but sophisticated vision creates a timeless sense of absolute indulgence. With its imaginative, inspired vision, Alinea is leading the fine dining and entertainment industry into the future.

Get ready for one of the most sensual dining experiences of your life….

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