Does Matched-Dating Really Work?


It’s important to know whether or not matched-dating is an efficient, effective way for you to enjoy your dating life, before joining a private service such as SEI Club.

It works excellently, but not for everyone.

The answer to that question (whether or not it works) depends on what you’re trying to accomplish by participating in the club’s exclusive services.

For instance, a Private Dating Club such as SEI Club, which matches its elite members, provides certain services and guarantees, but does not provide others.

To clarify, here at SEI Club we have an incredibly high level filtration process to ensure that you meet the Right Person. We screen to ensure that all single members looking to date are intelligent, attractive, accomplished, kind, warm, and genuinely at a happy, healthy place in their lives…

Meaning that if they met the right person, they’d be able to enjoy that relationship in a healthy, positive way. It is for global leaders at the highest possible level of life, financial, and mental / perceptual “fitness.” It is strictly for the accomplished elite; leaders who are also compelling and attractive romantic candidates as a whole. A process we have perfected over time and tremendous investment.

To find out if SEI Club can work for you, have a look at what we do and do not Guarantee below.

If it aligns with your views and expectations, you’ll have a blast (to put it lightly)… However, if that which we can 100% Guarantee does not align with your expectations, you might be disappointed, in which case the answer is “No, matched-dating does not work.”

See below to determine if its right for you:

What We Do Not Guarantee:

  • That you will meet your forever soul mate within your first few intros. It happens,but that’s not something we can guarantee for all members. The nuances of chemistry, timing, people’s moods – and millions of other large and small components – are an egg we simply haven’t cracked yet… we are excellent at what we do, but going in with that expectation is an expectation that’s still a bit too high for us mere mortals.

What We DO Guarantee

While, as mentioned, the nuances of chemistry and finding “the one,” right away are far beyond human understanding at this point in time, we fully guarantee the following for all SEI Club gentlemen members:

  • All women you meet will fit your pre-approved matchmaking and dating preferences.

Bonus: This tremendously increases the probability that you will enjoy deeply inspiring moments spent with the women you meet through SEI Club… and that you will find someone with whom you can each day celebrate and savor a lasting, fulfilling relationship…a process of rediscovery.

  • While as a club member you have a primary membership manger and rep, here at SEI Club our expert team members consist of highly trained, professional men and women who work together collaboratively on your behalf to ensure that you always meet the best, most suitable women matches who fit all of your personal preferences completely.

Bonus: This holistic approach is unmatched anywhere else in the world, and is imperative in providing impeccable (best-matched) matched-dating and matchmaking services.

  • All women members are met by SEI Club staff in person, and in accordance with that in-person meeting, their profiles and photos are recent and accurate (including height and weight).

Bonus: This allows you to select whom you’d like to meet with confidence and certainty.

  • Each accepted woman member was kind, warm, and presented herself well during her in-person consultation. She was attractive (if not utterly stunning), personable, positive, friendly, intelligent, upbeat, and had a naturally positive disposition.
  • Only the women members who fit the above specified criteria are accepted. As a guiding rule, we would rather have 20 exceptional potential matches for each gentleman member, as opposed to 50, potential matches who are in any way compromised as being anything but potentially exquisite matches for you. It is good for you and it is good for us.

Bonus: This means you will meet the Right Person each and every time (Right is different for everyone – we ensure that each match meets Your version of Right as you told us you prefer).

  • All memberships guarantee a pre-defined number of matches and introductions. These introductions are always yours to use. For instance, if you exclusively date a woman you meet through us and it does not work out or last forever (even years later) the introductions remaining in your membership are still there for you to use – No “expiration dates” and no additional fees due. Those introductions are yours forever until you use them.

Bonus: You can enjoy dating and getting to know someone at your own pace without having to race through your introductions lest they expire on you.

  • Our professional, evaluation process during and after each woman’s consultation serves to intensely filter the women’s membership pool. This ensures that you are only offered the best introductions possible. Each and Every Time – with no compromises and absolutely no excuses. It is good for you and it is good for us.

SEI Club is a positive force. We aim to make members’ lives more peaceful, balanced, beautiful, and meaningful. We can easily, unwaveringly stand behind the exceptional matchmaking and introduction services we provide.

Bonus: In that spirit, all SEI Club gentleman memberships include a platinum 200% money-back guarantee: To ensure complete certainty on your part and surpassing quality on ours.

If what we guarantee sounds good for you (the highest quality introductions on the planet – yes, as an international club / company, we scanned almost the entire World for the Right Women), we welcome you to join as a member. We look forward to making your already awesome life brighter than it already is!

Have questions?

Email us to set up a call and we’ll help you out:

(please note, given the number of applications globally, complimentary consultation (Q & A) calls can be set up only for those applicants who have completed their membership application and have then been deemed a potentially great fit.

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