Attention SEI Club Men: Meet the Alfa Romeo Furia Concept Supercar

sei club alfa romeo concept

You’re probably familiar with the name Alfa Romeo. The Italian automaker with more than 100 years of rich history behind them, especially in the favor of racing and track. They have built some of the most spectacular automobiles ever.

Here SEI Club acknowledges and complements the all-new supercar concept – Alfa Romeo Furia, contrived by the Polish independent car designer Paul Breshke from the ‘Breshke Design’, Lublin, Poland, famous for his concepts which include Bugatti Gangloff, Lamborghini Resonare, and Delahaye 94. It took Paul 10 months to amalgamate the 100-year-old Alfa Romeo Elegance into a single supercar concept.

sei club alfa romeo

The 3D rendering of the metallic green color with orange strokes looks astoundingly mesmerizing, and to some degree reminds us of the 1968 Carabo. According to Paul, this unique design has been hailed from the rich and classic history of Alfa Romeo. Consequently, from the silhouette, we can distinguish a reminiscence of 33 Stradale and GTV Spider from Alfa Romeo.

The scissor-shaped entryways, the distinct curve and the arches of the wheel, and the illustrious triangular grill combine into a near work of a fiction with the famed legend – the oval-shaped front grill is incorporated into the air intake.

Alfa romeo furia supercar

Then again, the mind-boggling rear fabrication and the straight prop were contrived from Tipo 32/2 Daytona, P33 Cuneo and the Furia G1. You begin to look all starry eyed at the bewildering beast replete with a hexagonal shape, striking back diffuser, eye-snappy LED taillights and the orange shaded tow hook.

The interior is more extravagant and features an aesthetically impressive yet functional sports car design with light brown colored leather seats, knitted stitching…This interior is specially intended for the driver’s comfort. The twin-seat arrangement and instrumental setup will make you feel like sitting in a sci-fi movie car.

alfa romeo furia sei club

Paul quoted, ‘The interior will feel like the cockpit of a jet ready to transport its occupants to another world’. Moreover, he said that it was a tribute to the drivers. On the other hand, the red-colored variant looks simply dazzling with the usual orange touches and monochrome wheel-rim. The white top adds extra flair to it. This red variant of Furia features two diverse seat colors – red color for the driving seat and black for the passenger seat, which actually looks outstanding.

It’s a cutting edge futuristic supercar that reflects the affluent history, design, sophistication, and of course, the need for speed. Each and every component of this elegant supercar is distinct; unique. The carefully and magnificently designed  car boasts impressive looking headlights (from the Movie Tron!), slight curve cutting plane, integrated air intake grill, beautifully designed rear end detailing, exquisite taillights and exhaust, double color variants, and a fantastic interior. All combine to make this supercar a powerful beast. In accordance with Paul, we likewise can say that every fan will discover something for him from this supercar.




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