SEICLUB.COM – An Inside Look At Current Member Profiles

7 is the most exclusive, private club for those accustomed to excellence. One of the most appreciated privileges of membership includes meeting and dating single members who fit your personal preferences in every way.

You’ll appreciate that each and every member is a complete and total winner (mentally, physically, emotionally). They are intelligent, successful, attractive, and have a positive perspective and positive value system in their lives. They are some of the most honorable individuals in the world – the kind of immaculate set who always do what’s right – even when no one is looking.

They are not only affluent, stunning, and incredibly distinguished, but they are also ‘good people’ who understand the deeper meaning of life and success.

Best of all, members are comprised of the better portion of the social stratosphere in terms of their ethics and philanthropic efforts. They are evolved and easily comprise the world’s most respected group of eligible singles. As an international members club, in addition to the US and Europe, we have recently expanded to Asia. Find more here:

To give you an inside look at what to expect when dating through, below you will find some current member profiles. While these are genuine members currently eligible to meet and date through the club, names and other details have been intentionally modified to preserve member privacy.

A Few SEICLUB.COM Women Member Profiles:


Diana is a beautiful woman in her 30’s. She is a winning combination of physical beauty, global sophistication, and intelligence. She is a lawyer turned entrepreneur…highly educated and refined yet down to earth, sincere, and genuine. She has flowing dark hair, golden light eyes, and a fashion model physique.

One of the most appealing aspects of Diana is her positive perspective and life outlook. She is a firm believer in following your heart and dreams. She came to New York to live, which she enjoys, and is open to meeting her perfect partner anywhere in the world…she is a woman of the world in many ways! During her leisure time, Diana enjoys art opening, charity events, fine dining with decadent cuisine and magically-mixed, unique cocktails. She is sporty as well and likes to attend basketball games and tennis matches. She also adores jet skiing and parasailing in the breezy, salty ocean waters.

Diana has impeccable social skills and enjoys being sociable and putting herself out there. She has no shortage of interests from attending concerts to traveling the globe. If you prefer a stunning, intelligent woman who has a magnetic personality and light-hearted spirit, Diana is perfect for you.


In her early 40’s, Cynthia is physically beautiful and her personality is relaxed, easy-paced, fun. Cynthia is always celebrating a great career and an appreciation for all that life has offered her. Originally European, she has achieved a great deal in her life, and she truly embodies a sense of gratitude for this. She has an advanced degree, works with the UN, and launched herself into a continued upward motion in all aspects of her life. Intelligent and beautiful are two words that describe Cynthia well.

In her free moments she relishes sunny days at the beach, soaking up the sun, and spending time with loved ones and friends. She also enjoys art, fine wine, and loves to dance salsa. Cynthia is healthily ambitious, yet also laid-back and seeking someone to share joy with as she navigates the pleasing abundance that is her life. She has traveled the globe and looks forward to traversing more of the world with a man who will be equally happy and adventurous. She is optimistic and dedicated to enjoying her life and the passionate romance she expects to find at If you prefer to have a beautiful woman by your side who also has charisma, and soulful depth, Cynthia is perfect for you.


Ashley has beautiful green eyes and a refreshingly authentic disposition. She is feminine, accomplished, and kind. In her glowing 50’s, she is fit and accomplished. She has had several careers and holds a Masters degree in business. She is free-spirited yet grounded and delightful. Ashley enjoys everything from traveling to painting to dining out and being sociable with friends. She is cultured and elite yet she can be incredibly low key as well…she enjoys pop music as much as a night at the opera and she indulges in a night at the ballet with the same gusto as she does a hockey game. You’ll love Ashley’s uniquely captivating energy…intelligent, funny, sincere…she will likely keep you infinitely interested. She adores a cultural excursion as much as an unwinding day by the beach. If you are looking for a seasoned, self-made woman who is feminine and soft, Ashley is perfect for you.

A Few SEICLUB.COM Gentlemen Member Profiles:


There is a wonderful gentleman named Adam who you might enjoy meeting very much.

Adam is tall, successful, attractive, in his fit, attractive 50’s, and truly exceptional in every way. Although he is driven and established/accomplished he is also relaxed and knows how to enjoy life. He is confident and secure yet humble, genuine, and sincere. Adam has a wealth of experience and has become an incredibly attractive, positive, optimistic gentleman who really has a ‘winners mentality’ and is easy to spend time with (he’s very easy-going and not uptight etc).

Adam is tons of fun to be with and he is very adventurous. He has gone skydiving (just to try it and has gone sail planning – flying on a plane without an engine)…but don’t worry, if you’re not up for skydiving you can also take it easier with him and enjoy fine dining, traveling, and doing fun cultural things in the city and/or on vacation etc.

Although Adam is refined and well-educated (holds a degree in finance and is an business exec), he is also masculine (he’s a lean six sigma blackbelt 🙂 !), and he enjoys watching football and playing beach volleyball. Plus, he enjoys playing golf…In many ways he’s a great combination of everything you said you’re looking for.


Justin is a successful real estate developer and project manager in his early 30’s, he attended boarding school and completed his studies in Oregon. He’s very much a So Cal gentleman, all of his family is there and he’s close with them.

As soon as you meet Justin you will be delighted! He’s warm, grounded in his career, genuine with a solid sense of self. Justin will have you laughing and put you at ease. He’s confident and lots of fun! Justin has not been married (was initially very career focused) and does not have any children. He’s seeking a partner who is compassionate, honest and kind.

Justin is at the place in his life where he’s seeking an a quality relationship with a special woman like yourself. He wants someone to share everything with and he’s very relationship minded. He loves yachting and impromptu trips to Aspen or San Francisco. Justin also enjoys golf, architecture, music and interior design. Justin is ready to find a partner to marry and create a life together. Truly Justin is the total package!


Larry is tall (6ft), Caucasian, Ivy League educated, in his young 60’s (he’s fit, fairly slim without being too thin – and he’s health conscious). He’s attractive, has lots of vacation time (can travel a lot)…he is divorced, has a nearly grown daughter and is definitely open to having more children. He plays tennis, and is now taking up the piano. He enjoys art, classical music, theatre…He’s a romantic person (loves romantic getaways etc). He’s a good cook (certainly not another Daniel Boulud…but most people say he’s a good cook!) and of course enjoys fine dining as well. His aim is to make this world better than it was when he entered…He’s Jewish but “celebrates” all holidays (Hanukkah / Christmas etc but he’s not religious). Larry is very fair-minded (he’s a high court judge in California), easy-going, and sincere. He is best described as sophisticated and elite yet authentic and down to earth. Anyone who meets Larry would agree that he is very attractive.


Choosing from only the most impressive applicants, you’ll find that is by far the most exclusive matchmaking and dating club in the world.

To initiate the application process, contact us at

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